Biographical Notes

1927Born in Munich, childhood in Bad Reichenhall, Upper Bavaria
1939At outbreak of war I was a 12-years-old student at the Grammar School in Bad Reichenhall. Before completion of schooling conscription into the Red Cross.
1945Assistant nurse in parents' hotel functioning as an ancillary hospital. The hotel/hospital got heavily bombed and damaged in the last days of the war.
1946Beginning with the study of Philosophy at Munich University. Under adverse conditions - most of Munich and the University lay in ruins, the students were freezing and undernourished - I experienced an unforgettable and great spiritual awakening. This also meant a widening of my political horizon after the fall of Nazi Germany.
1950Doctorate on a theme in Philosophical Ethics. Then work as a scientific assistant at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Munich. This was an unpaid work and finally I gave up the post, because at that time the Conservative-Catholic Munich did not support academic careers for women.
1950-54  Study of Psychology, degree and training as a psychotherapist.
1954-56Management of Institute for Child Guidance in Lower Bavaria.
1957Private psychological practice in Munich.
1958Marriage and move to Switzerland. Two daughters, born 1959 and 1961.
1966-80Lecturer in Psychology at a College for Social Pedagogy in Berne.
 From 1978 private psychotherapeutic practice in Burgdorf/BE.
1984Demise of husband and 1985 move to the city of Berne. Continuation of work in the practice until 1998.
1988Publication of the book 'Ursprünge und Befreiungen. Eine dissidente Kulturtheorie' by Arche Verlag, Zurich.
1992The same work was published by Fischer-Taschenbuchverlag with the subtitle 'Die sexistischen Wurzeln der Kultur'.
1993Publication of the illustrated book 'Von der göttlichen Löwin zum Wahrzeichen männlicher Macht. Ursprung und Wandel grosser Symbole' by Kreuzverlag, Stuttgart/Zurich.
1994Conferment of the Non-Fiction Award for both books by the City of Bern
 Since the nineties extensive lecturing in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.
1997Publication of 'Gefühl und Urteilskraft. Ein Plädoyer für die emotionale Vernunft' by C.H. Beck Verlag, Munich.
2001Publication by the same publisher of a study in Philosophy of Religion entitled 'Jenseits von Gott und Göttin. Plädoyer für eine spirituelle Ethik'.
2001-06Member of the National Ethics Committee of Switzerland in the area of Human Medicine. Resignation in protest against the human research law as drafted by the Federal Administration. In my opinion research was given too much liberty at the expense of the protection of human dignity; I criticized this as a concession to the lobby of research and economics.
2004Publication of the illustrated book 'Das Gute und das Böse. Die mythologischen Hintergründe des Fundamentalismus in Ost und West' by Kreuzverlag, Stuttgart.
2007On the occasion of my 80th birthday publication of a collection of essays 'Macht und Moral, 16 Essays zur Aufkündigung patriarchaler Denkmuster” by Xanthippe Verlag, Zurich.
2008'Das Böse als Produkt gescheiterter menschlicher Sinnsuche', in: Werner Faulstich, Ed.: 'Das Böse heute', Wilhelm Fink, Munich.